Work on one thing at a time. Don’t get carried away - we have plenty of time. You have to make these big decisions. When you do it your way you can go anywhere you choose. There it is. You can do anything here. So don’t worry about it. I really recommend you use odorless thinner or your spouse is gonna run you right out into the yard and you’ll be working by yourself.

Go out on a limb - that's where the fruit is. And I will hypnotize that just a little bit. Making all those little fluffies that live in the clouds. Maybe, just to play a little, we'll put a little tree here. Just let this happen. We just let this flow right out of our minds. This is probably the greatest thing to happen in my life - to be able to share this with you.

We’ll put a happy little bush here. See how easy it is to create a little tree right in your world. You better get your coat out, this is going to be a cold painting. We artists are a different breed of people. We’re a happy bunch. Nothing wrong with washing your brush.